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Electric GT-R, is that you? Meet the 1,341bhp Nissan ‘Hyper Force Concept’

Nissan’s new electric supercar gets AWD, solid-state batteries and massive performance. Yup, it's an e-Godzilla

Published: 25 Oct 2023

If it looks like a GT-R and terrifies like a GT-R, is it... well, it's actually called the Nissan Hyper Force, a radical high performance electric supercar that caps off Nissan’s run of concepts for the Japan Mobility Show.

Concept, yes, but all the hallmarks of a future electrified Godzilla are present and correct, including a bombastic power output and bleeding-edge tech. The HF Concept features a solid-state battery – they’re finally here! (ish) – producing up to 1,000kW of power, which equates to 1,341bhp in old money. 

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Nothing old about the way it's delivered, of course. That herculean output is harnessed by ‘e-4ORCE’ all-wheel-drive tech, packaged up inside a lightweight, angular body that not only pays homage to the current GT-R - boxy silhouette, quad tail-lights, anger - but features high-strength carbon and a lot of aerodynamic performance, the latter developed in collaboration with Nismo.

As such, there’s a “two-tiered” structure under the bonnet, and a rear diffuser optimised for airflow. There’s active aero around the car - the front winglets and both ends of the rear wing move - while an excellently named ‘plasma actuator’ is said to “suppress air detachment”. Hate it when that happens.

Lightweight forged carbon wheels are said to bolster the aero performance as well as cool the brakes. Of course the current GT-R’s ability has always been to mask the sheer level of tech unfolding beneath you to provide a raw ability of blasting around a track, and this HF Concept promises no less. Nissan said it allows for “precise and rapid acceleration” - somewhat underselling it a tad, what with 1,341bhp - along with “enhanced cornering and exceptional handling on circuits and winding roads”.

Heck, even the drive modes spell out GT-R. ‘GT’ – grand touring – gives the car a more ‘comfortable’ drive and combines the steering wheel screens into one for a simpler interface, illuminating the cabin in a soothing blue. ‘R’ mode – racing, of course – bathes the cabin in a red light, and along with amping everything up, provides much more driver information that's “invaluable for racing”. Things like tyre pressures, brake temps, power distribution and so on. Seats are lightweight carbon fibre items with four-point harnesses, naturally.

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There’s advanced self-driving on board via a suite of sensors and ‘hyper LIDAR’, and because it’s a concept from the future, you can play racing games (cough, Gran Turismo, cough) when stopped via augmented reality and a VR headset. Oh, all the screen graphics – as per old GT-Rs – were done by Polyphony.

“With its eco-friendliness, electrifying performance and cutting-edge safety equipment, this concept is Nissan’s vision for a next-generation all-electric high-performance supercar,” said Nissan. Welcome back, Godzilla, how you’ve changed.

We’ll have much more on the future of the Nissan GT-R, so stay tuned to for the full debrief…

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