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Every Jaguar will be electrified by 2020. This is the Jag of 2040

‘Future-Type’ concept is Jag’s idea of what we’ll be driving (sort of) in our electric future

Remember ‘Sayer’, your trusty steering wheel companion from the future, able to attach to a semi-autonomous car to take you places? Well, here’s the semi-autonomous car it’ll attach to. Behold the Jaguar Future-Type concept.

It’s a car alright, with a narrow body and 2+1 semi-tandem seating arrangement ideal for cities. It’s also a car that employs all of your favourite 2017 motoring buzzwords: it is ‘connected’ to your entire existence. It can ‘communicate’ to other cars to make driving safer and more efficient.

And of course, it will drive itself, allowing you to work, watch a film or maybe catch up on some sleep. Or – as per Sayer the steering wheel – let you know which roads are good, so that you might, y’know, indulge in a bit of driving yourself. Frankly, with all the talk around the motoring world being turned upside-down by the year 2040, this is a bit of a relief to hear.

There’ll be a fleet of these Future-Type concepts, available on demand, summoned via Sayer. And the whole research project is centred around ensuring Jaguars of the future remain an enjoyable place to spend some time.

“With the Future-Type,” explains Jaguar’s Ian Callum, “we’ve been investigating how we can keep this emotional connection in a future world where people may choose not to own a car, or when a Jaguar is an autonomous, on-demand vehicle.”

Before 2040, however, comes 2020. Jaguar Land Rover has also announced that in just three years, every single one of its models across the range will be electrified. That’s either fully electric, plug-in hybrid or ‘mild’ hybrid. The I-Pace, for example, goes on sale next year.

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