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Future Tech

Jaguar has literally reinvented the (steering) wheel

In 2040 you won't own a car, but a 'trusted companion' shaped like an octagon. What?

Published: 04 Sep 2017

If you’ve ever been somewhere with a Caterham or Ariel driver, you’ll be aware they have to remove their steering wheel and carry it everywhere with them. The downside of having a car without proper doors or windows…

Well, in the future that’s going to be all of us, according to Jaguar. It has revealed this, a wheel it’s calling ‘Sayer’. The idea is that we don’t own cars in the future, merely the wheel we attach to the ones we borrow.

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“This steering wheel concept lives in your home and becomes your trusted companion,” says Jag. Will it make you a cup of tea? Put on Die Hard and order a pizza when you get home late? Um, probably not.

But it is a voice-activated, artificially intelligent wheel that can carry out ‘hundreds of tasks’. Only one of which appears to be ‘steering a car’. And given that car will likely be autonomous, it’s barely relevant anyway.

Jag’s vision of the future is that you’ll be sat with Sayer at home – nice and close on the settee, given what a trusted companion it is – and you’ll use the wheel to order a car when you need one.

A bit like a taxi, then, only you’ll sit in the front and there’ll be no idle chit-chat to have to make. You’ll attach Sayer to the car that arrives, which can then drive itself, but peel off to a nice road if it thinks you’ll enjoy driving yourself.

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Why ‘Sayer’? It’s named after Malcolm Sayer, who worked at Jag in the 1950s, ‘60s and ‘70s. He designed the C-, D- and E-Types as well as the stunning XJ13 racer.

His modern-day, wheel-shaped form won’t be with us until around 2040 though. It’ll appear attached to something called Jaguar Future-Type, which isn’t immediately described as a car, but as a concept that will ‘explore mobility’. Intrigued?

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