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Everything you need to know about the Tesla Model 2... assuming it's still happening

A quick guide to Tesla's long-rumoured entry-level electric car. Plus: Robotaxis!

With the stainless steel-clad Tesla Cybertruck finally emerging to menace US roads, attention has shifted away from the polygonal pickup to the more down to earth Model 2, a promised mass market EV.

Quite recently, Reuters reported that Twitter/X and Tesla boss Elon Musk has given suppliers a mid-2025 target for the affordable volume car, though things may have already changed since then. Let’s have a quick catch-up session.

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What is the Tesla Model 2?

The so-called Model 2 is being touted as the most accessible Tesla yet. We say 'so called' because it doesn’t have an official name beyond its codename 'Redwood', but it fits with the automaker’s naming scheme.

There aren’t many specifics of what the Model 2 is, but there is plenty of talk of what it’s supposed to be. In that regard, the new Tesla is meant to be a consumer-friendly vehicle produced at twice the volume of the Model 3 and Model Y.

How much will it cost?

As it’s meant to be a high-volume, accessible car the Model 2 is expected to come in at around $25-$30K. This price and plans for a large production output is a strategy to entice more pragmatic car shoppers away from standard top-sellers like the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla.

What’s the Model 2’s range?

Given the price and what little we know, a ballpark estimate is that the Model 2 should hopefully have somewhere around 250 miles of estimated range. Why 250? It’s a best guest based on the tiny bits of info presented.

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We know that the Model 2 is going to be built on an all-new platform and that Tesla is looking to reduce costs by streamlining the manufacturing process. A new approach to the assembly is figuring out how to get more efficiency with less, and that includes use of its larger and more efficient 4680 cylindrical battery and potentially the 48-volt architecture carried over from the Cybertruck.

Without spiralling off into a dozen tangents, it’s all to say that getting an EV to 300+ miles of range takes some pricey tech, but Tesla could utilize what it has to get the Model 2 near to that while keeping the cost down.

Could there be a Model 2 with more range than that? Sure, but bet that it won’t come in at the eye-catching low initial price.

Where is it being built?

Tesla’s Gigafactories in Mexico, Texas and Berlin are expected to pump out Model 2s. 

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Also… is it being built at all?

Hey what a great question. Another report from Reuters states that sources and internal memos claim that planned production of the Model 2 has been scrapped.

Musk replied on his X platform, stating "Reuters is lying (again)", so there’s that.

Soon after, he posted “Tesla Robotaxi unveil on 8/8”, which left more questions than answers, such as…

What is a Robotaxi?

A mobility solution from Tesla meant to compete with rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft. The concept, which has been floating around for years, is a fully autonomous vehicle with no controls for humans to interfere with.

Can Teslas drive themselves?

No. though branded “full self-driving” by Tesla, the system is a SAE Level 2 driver assist feature that requires driver attention and that person must be prepared to intervene at all times.

“Full autonomy” has been a long-running Tesla promise, but its goalposts have shifted a number of times. To be fair, it’s not the only company planning on such a feature, but companies like Waymo are rigorously testing sensor-laden vehicles and barely achieving higher levels of autonomous driving.

Ford’s Blue Cruise and GM’s Super Cruise are similar hands-free driving assists that only work on designated highways, and those are also level 2 systems.

How can I pre-order a Model 2?

We suspect pre-orders would... go live on the Tesla website. Alongside a big reveal event, similar to the Cybertruck.

Can't wait? There's the Tesla Model 3, though not for the budget price planned for the Model 2. For everyone else, there are more EVs available than ever to choose from, and plenty of those are pretty good too.

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