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The Kinetik 07 is a Bulgarian take on the Tesla Roadster

Classic British sports car + some batteries = face-melting acceleration

Published: 11 Oct 2019

Taking a classic British sports car and electrifying it is what launched Tesla into the world of EVs. So perhaps Bulgarian carmaker Kinetik Automotive is onto something with its new 07.

It’s based on a Caterham Seven, rather than a Lotus Elise, as its dimensions surely betray. But it’ll behave like no Seven on earth owing to it a) no longer weighing half a ton and b) possessing a frankly mad 644bhp.

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Its power-to-weight ratio ought to be a match for Caterham’s maddest products, given its 2.7sec 0-62mph sprint is in their ballpark. It’s in the ballpark of most hypercars too, for that matter.

Its maker promises an interesting driving experience, too. Over to Kinetik boss Teodosiy Teodosiev: “Usually, the dynamics of the car is a two-dimensional story. In our case it is a multi-layered novel.”

He’s referring to the ability to shuffle power around between the 07’s motors. We think. While the chassis at its core comes from Caterham, everything above it is new, with 3D-printed body panels and a whole suite of software including driver information screens. Anyone who’s been near a traditional Seven will know it’s a wee bit short on software and screens…

Seven 07s will apparently be made (see what they did there?) with prices yet to be confirmed. The Bulgarian take on the original Tesla Roadster – tempted?

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