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For sale: the most niche motorsports replica ever

Yes, it’s a replica Twizy F1. And yes, it could be yours

Published: 01 Oct 2021

So, here’s an odd one: do you have an overwhelming desire to own a second-hand Renault Twizy? OK, how about one that uses genuine racing parts from open-wheelers? One that, if you were being kind, you could say takes its styling cues from F1... and, if you weren’t, someone at Hot Wheels having an aneurysm?

If that somehow still sounds like you, let’s explain what you’re getting for your money. It’s not the actual Renault Twizy RSF1 from 2013; that was a one-off concept car / flight of fancy in the vein of the Espace F1. This is not a one-off, nor a concept car, nor did Renault contribute anything beyond the base Twizy. But it likely still qualifies as a flight of fancy.

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This lime green example is one of five hommages à Twizy F1 built by Oakley Designs. No, not the ones you’re thinking of – it’s not a pair of wraparound sunglasses worn by someone who can, and will, tell you how much they can bench press. Anywho, this Oakley Design went to town on the regular Twizy, adding real Formula One parts – OK, the wing mirrors from the 2015 season – as well as magnesium centre-lock wheels from Formula Two and enough carbon fibre for any number of Ferrari keyrings.

The full-on KERS system of the Twizy F1RS might not be in residence, but the top speed has been raised to 60mph – from 50mph – thanks to the fitment of a “tuning box”. And aren’t we just suckers for technical jargon like that. You’ll still be working with the original 17bhp, which basically makes this the electric version of all the Max Power Citroen Saxos from the turn of the century.

Obviously, as the auction’s still ongoing over at, we don’t know who’s going to end up taking this very special Twizy home. All we can say for sure is that they’re going to be an odd one.


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