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Should the Polestar 1 hybrid coupe have a drop-top twin?

Oh yes, if it looks anything like this unofficial, but pretty virtual mock-up…

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What’s Swedish for cahones? Whatever it is, Polestar’s got ‘em. The new hybrid-only start-up offshoot from Volvo chose to launch itself into the fray this week not with an outlandish SUV concept car, or a me-too crossover design study, but an extremely elegant two-door coupe.

A coupe design which had, back in the mists of time, been slated for Volvo production, before Polestar was bequeathed the shape to create its new 592bhp hybrid-drive debut. 

Could Polestar be even braver and offer a soft-top convertible version of the ‘1’? Naming might be a problem, as Polestars 2 and 3 are already set to be a small saloon and SUV respectively. Perhaps a drop-top could be the 1.5. Or the Minus 1 (Roof). We digress.

Rendering whizz Aksyonov Nikita has mocked up with a roofless Polestar One would look like, and it’s fair to say the petrol-electric BMW M4 rival survives virtual roof removal extremely elegantly. 

A Swedish F-type rival in the making, perhaps? Perhaps, having seen this, and once the 500 cars it’s making per year (to start with) are spoken for, Polestar might consider a cabrio. Just as soon as it’s sussed out a name…

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