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Williams has designed an electric car chassis

The 'FW-EVX' looks towards our all-electric future. Now we just need the bit on top

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Williams has been busy. Last month you’ll remember, came news about Williams working with Singer to make a 500bhp 911 engine. Now comes news that Williams are to get their hands dirty in the world of electric cars, as they’ve just designed a ‘Lightweight Electric Car Platform’, dubbed FW-EVX.

Sounds interesting, right? Williams says they’ve “reimagined how electric cars are designed and constructed”. Considering their expertise, this is quite big news.

The platform, then. Williams’ engineers have created fibre reinforced suspension components said to provide a 40 per weight reduction over a conventional aluminium wishbone. Tackling the weight of EV batteries, high-strength 3D structures have created an exoskeleton for a battery module that helps the battery performance.

In turn, the design of the battery pack and cooling systems have been integrated together, creating one single, scalable platform. “This new approach is designed to make EVs lighter, safer and greener, with longer range and better performance,” say Williams.

Technical director Paul McNamara, adds: “Our way of thinking around how to create a tightly integrated lightweight chassis and powertrain package have the potential to greatly increase the competitiveness of the next generation of electric vehicles.”

Question is, what electric model do Williams plan on fixing to that chassis platform? Any guesses?

Words: Callum Alexander

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