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You can now watch Netflix on your Tesla's big screen

Software update adds new features. And one very interesting one we don't get

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Aren’t over-the-air updates wonderous things? It used to be that if you wanted something on your car changed, you’d have to take it back to the dealer and possibly pay cash money. But no more. If you’ve got a Tesla, you just hook your car up to your WiFi and go to bed. Then in the morning you have a host of new features to play with. Magic. 

This week’s update was a big one - version 10.0 of the company’s software. It adds, among other things, support for Netflix streaming when you’re in Park (other online video services are available), a karaoke mode that “comes with a massive library of music and song lyrics” and Spotify Premium access (using your own account, obvs). 

After an initial roll-out in the States, UK Model S, 3 and X have started to get the software. But one big feature is missing - ‘Smart Summon’. 

By now you might have seen videos online of people using Smart Summon - some successfully, others not so much. An extension of Tesla’s existing Summon feature (where you can move your car forwards or backwards without being in it using the Tesla app, if for example you’ve parked in a tight garage), Smart Summon gives Teslas fitted with the ‘Enhanced Autopilot’ or ‘Full Self Driving’ options the ability to “navigate a parking lot and come to [the owner] or their destination of choice, as long as their car is within their line of sight”. 

Practically this means that you can walk out of a shop, then summon your car to you from across the car park instead of walking all that way. 

The tech isn’t coming to the UK just yet. Or anywhere that isn’t the US, as a matter of fact. Tesla says it’s working on it, though. We suspect there might be some legal/regulatory hurdles to overcome first…

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