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Ladies and gents, meet the Toroidion. Or, for autocorrect fans, the Torpid Ion. That’s not an alter ego that bodes well for the world’s first electric megacar, but we ought to give it the benefit of the doubt for now.

Forgotten what ‘megacar’ means? It’s a neologism that refers to one megawatt of power, or 1341bhp in our plain old British vernacular. Koenigsegg introduced us to the concept with its One:1 and Regera headcases, and now similarly Scandinavian Toroidion has added a third car to a frighteningly burgeoning segment.

Built and developed in Finland, the Toroidion 1MW concept has taken its bow at the annual supercars-you’ve-never-heard-of convention, Monaco’s Top Marques show.

Outside, the 1MW concept is a curious blend of alien curves yet familiar design flourishes. The front end has hints of Aston DB7 and Morgan Aero 8, while there’s a look of bloated VW XL1 from its rear three-quarter, door-up view.

And like that titchy, parsimonious VW, Toroidion’s effort makes a nod to the environment with its electric propulsion. Power comes from a motor at each wheel, making it four-wheel-drive and so theoretically only half as scary as Koenigsegg’s mega-offerings. Firmer information is thin on the ground for now, but our guess as to how fast it will be if it ever becomes a real thing is ‘very’.

Inside, it’s very simple, with little in the way of luxury: a pair of racing-harnessed bucket seats, a suede wrapped wheel and a curious, carved-into-the-dashboard rev-counter prickling our interest most. It’s a world away from the touchscreen flashiness of a Tesla or BMW i8, that’s for sure.

Toroidion - headed by former Jaguar and Zagato designer Pasi Pennanen - aims to create a competitive all-electric Le Mans racer as well as a production version of the 1MW, though we expect both to lie somewhat further in the future. Plenty of time to get the hang of spelling its name, then. Though considering the show hall-to-street ratio of previous Top Marques debutants, you might not want to commit too much of your life to that just yet…

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