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This is it: the final, 500th, definitely the last ever Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti’s last 1,479bhp rocketship rolls off the line. Farewell, ye mighty

Published: 30 May 2024

Bugatti calls it a “vibrant piece of bespoke art”, which makes it a first seeing as you’d be hard pushed to find many Monets or Matisses that’d crack 300mph. Bugatti also calls it the 500th, which makes it… the last.

So au revoir to the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport L’Ultime: sounds like a fancy moisturiser, is an incredibly fancy 300mph rocketship. This final, 500th Chiron has just rolled off Molsheim’s production line resplendent in a unique livery that celebrates eight years of taking chunks out of the world’s speed records.

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Indeed, it references the very first Chiron revealed back in 2016 by virtue of its ‘Atlantic Blue’ split with ‘French Racing Blue’ colour. It’s been reimagined for this L’Ultime, but this time wears a load of scalps (read: names of the Chiron’s life highlights).

So across the sides of this Super Sport you’ll see places like Geneva (its 2016 launch), Paul Ricard (testing), Ehra-Lessien (where it cracked 300mph), Chateau Saint Jean and Cape Canaveral (where customers cracked top speeds) and of course, Molsheim (home).

Befitting the final, 500th car, there are a number of 500 motifs dotted around the body, under the rear wing, on the wheel caps and even engraved onto the engine cover. Which of course, means this is the last ever 8.0-litre W16 that’ll ever grace a ‘regular’ Chiron.

(The next one, don’t forget, in whatever time machine Mate Rimac cooks up to replace the Chiron, will be a V16.)

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Inside, Bugatti calls it “carbon fibre symphony”, which makes it a first seeing as you’d be hard pushed to find many Debussys or Bizets that’d be able to play at 300mph. You’ll find various shades of blue adoring the carbon and leather, along with the Chiron’s meticulously crafted interior.

Speaking of that follow-up time machine, we’ll see it next month, so says president of Bugatti Christophe Piochon. “With this bespoke work of art, we have retraced the Chiron’s majestic eight-year journey with unforgettable moments that have taken place throughout the world, creating legions of fans for the Chiron, not to mention its countless industry-first breakthroughs and unique world-first achievements,” he said.

“This 500th and final Chiron model is a fitting farewell that captures a defining legacy that will forever be etched in automotive history and paves the way to a bright new chapter, starting with the production of the Bolide and the W16 Mistral and continuing with the unveiling of our new model in June.”

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Farewell, ye mighty.

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