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Meet the Jannarelly, a light and powerful '60s throwback

Ferrari 458 power-to-weight ratio meets sixties sports car looks. Want one?

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This year looks like one in which automotive technology will make rather large leaps, self-driving cars and ever-cleverer gizmos coming to the fore.

So thanks must go to the wonderfully named Jannarelly for giving us this, the Design-1.

It’s a throwback to less complex times, when cars were little more than a powerful engine shoehorned into a lightweight body.

That excellent name comes from designer Anthony Jannarelly, who can also lay claim to the Zarooq and Lykan oddities.

The Design-1 is far more retro than those, and so it goes for its spec. Its 300bhp 3.5-litre V6 is naturally aspirated, and powers the rear axle only, via a six-speed manual gearbox. And don’t let the long ‘bonnet’ confuse you: it’s mid-engined.

There are some modern technologies at play, mind, in the form of carbonfibre components (which help keep the weight scant, at 710kg) and fully adjustable suspension. There are also LED lights and trackday-friendly Toyo R888 tyres.

It takes all the nice things we’ve come to love about Caterhams and Atoms, then, and wraps them up in an unashamedly 1960s-inspired design. But unlike sixties sports cars, it will hit 62mph in four seconds on its way to a 135mph top speed. That’s what a 422bhp/tonne power-to-weight ratio - little short of a Ferrari 458 Speciale’s - gets you…

Want one? The Jannerelly Design-1 is set to cost $55,000 before tax, which is around £45,000 including VAT. If your budget stretches beyond that, though, Jannarelly says its sports car can be customised in both design and technical specification.

How would you have yours?

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