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Skoda has thrown all the red stitching at the Kodiaq vRS

Here’s the inside of Skoda’s super-schoolbus. Quilting? Check.

Skoda vRSing around with the Kodiaq will come as a surprise to pretty much no-one. The UK likes its hot Skodas – especially the police, as any motorway speed merchant will testify (in court) – and among the beige dross of mid-sized crossover tedium, the Kodiaq is a rare gem. Smooth and untaxing to drive, cleverly laid out, well-made and good value. A previous TopGear award winner, no less.

The hot version will be revealed in full at the Paris motor show next month. It’s going to run a 2.0-litre turbodiesel engine – yep, Skoda’s still betting on diesel, even as Porsche gives up on the black pump – with the Kodiaq vRS set to deliver 237bhp and 369lb ft to all four wheels through a seven-speed, twin-clutch gearbox.

Until then, you’ll have to sate your lust for a super-Skodas with these moody photos of its interior. Mmm, suedecloth. Ooh, quilting. A flat-bottomed steering wheel, natch. And more red-threaded stitching than the Moulin Rouge.

Surely, it’s too sporty, too pristine, too designer-male-washbag to fill with snotty, crumb-infested children? Skoda says no, confirming the Kodiaq vRs will indeed be available with five or seven seats, for the full vomit-comet, Daddy-cool experience. Coming soon to a hurried school run near you, complete with ‘Mum’s taxi’ joke-sign in the rear window, no doubt.

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