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Wednesday 29th March
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The SR10 XXR is an even faster Radical

Because speed is clearly what was lacking

Published: 01 Feb 2023

That the Radical SR10 is fast is on a level of obviousness up there with ‘fire is hot’, ‘water is wet’ and ‘punches to the gizzards are not generally enjoyable’. But the SR10 is actually fast in ways you might not have expected – it’s actually the fastest-selling car in Radical’s quarter-century history.

And now, perhaps in light of its behind-the-scenes turn of speed, Radical has given the SR10 some more – and more obvious – pace. The result is the SR10 XXR, which transcends the regular SR10 thanks to LMP-inspired aero, better cooling efficiency, less understeer and lighter alloy wheels.

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That LMP-spec central fin – first seen on the SR3 XXR – improves high-speed stability, while those front louvres reduce understeer and increase airflow to the 2.3-litre turbocharged engine. As for the lightened alloy wheels, we could talk at length about unsprung mass – and how it affects lighter cars more than heavier ones – ad infinitum. Or we could just say ‘because race car’ and leave it at that.

Whether this extra ability – and ability to push harder for longer without troubling brakes, tyres or coolant – is an adequate substitute for driver talent is perhaps moot, given that a) the people who seem to buy Radicals also seem to have a knack for knowing what they’re doing, and b) we haven’t seen it head-to-head with a regular SR10 yet, given that production of the SR10 XXR will start in Spring 2023.

On that note, Radical will also offer an ‘XXR Evolution Pack’ upgrade to any current SR10 owners who might feel a bit short-changed with their 425bhp, 725kg circuit-dominating track car. Because that’s a thing people can be, presumably.

But, much like ‘water is wet’ and ‘punches to places other than the gizzards aren’t much better’, the notion that racers are never satisfied until they’re the fastest is, well... you get where we’re going here.

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