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2014's Formula One cars: the full list

  1. So. After four hours of the first test of F1’s new hybrids we know one thing - they’re difficult buggers to get running. All the new cars except the Lotus and Marussia are in Jerez in Spain for the first four day test of F1’s new era. Two further four day tests are scheduled next month in Bahrain.

    And it looks like the teams are going to need every minute; by lunchtime in Jerez the new cars from Red Bull, McLaren, Williams and Caterham had yet to turn a wheel. The cars form Force India and Sauber had done just one lap, the Ferrari two. The Caterham hadn’t even been seen. The test started at 8.00 this morning. (UPDATE: Hamilton has crashed out following a front wing failure)

    So take a look at the most complete gallery of this year’s grid. Only the Lotus (not finished), the Marussia (not arrived), and the Caterham (still under wraps) are missing. Ponder this; come Australia, are their looks the least important thing we’ll be worrying about?

  2. Red Bull-Renault RB10

    The car in which Sebastian Vettel will attempt to break all his own records. It’s another blighted by its 2014-spec nose, though thankfully Adrian Newey says this solution, which the team are calling a ‘keel nose’, is just one of many they have. It’s hard to tell how long the conk on the front of the RB10 is, as clever use of black paint significantly reduces its visual bulk. Look closely though and you’ll see the top of the nose is actually an intake. It’s assumed this is the latest development of the mysterious ‘driver cooling’ duct the team have been using since the introduction of the stepped nose.

  3. Mercedes W05

    The new Merc’ appears to be the only new spec F1 car that actually works. Up until an accident following a front wing failure, Lewis Hamilton managed 11 laps in what looked a lot like a scheduled programme. It’s certainly the only car so far to have set what might be called ‘a time’. The W05, while hardly a looker compared with last year’s car, does sport the least ‘challenging’ nose, some extremely nifty camera mounts and a very cool new paint scheme. Let’s not forget the progress the team made last season, and Mercedes has been upbeat about its new V6 since the middle of last year. If any team will challenge Red Bull, chances are it’s this one.

  4. Toro Rosso-Renault STR9

    Well, what can you say about a nose like that? Oddly, the balance of the profile forward of the driver is more like the McLaren, with no obvious ‘step’, as designers scavenge the rules to keep the chassis height as high as possible for as long as possible. It’s a shame; let’s hope the team moves to a ‘full McLaren’ soon. Toro Rosso are one of three teams not only swapping engine, but engine supplier, this season as it switches from Ferrari power to Renault. Full credit to the team, then, for not only getting the car to Jerez on time, but in a condition whereby it could actually run, Jean-Eric Vergne trailing only Lewis in completed laps.

  5. Sauber Ferrari C33

    Sauber released suitably moody images of its new graphite and black racer on Sunday, and the consensus was that the C33 was the looker of the group. But… when the car came out of the garage to be taken - just the once - around the track by Esteban Gutierrez, it was apparent the team was hiding its bottle nose in the shadows. Compared with the Mercedes, Ferrari and McLaren solutions - not to mention the tricksy twin-tusk Lotus - these probosci do look deeply unsophisticated. Let’s hope they’ve all had some form of cosmetic reduction come Australia.

  6. Ferrari F14-T

    We’ve said it before: best name on the grid. But the Ferrari with its big sulky looking bottom lip has been largely stuck in the pits at Jerez so far, giving Kimi Raikkonen plenty of time to catch up with his old team. He was the second car - after Hamilton - to head out, but stopped for what the team called a precautionary shut down. Kimi is handling the first two days of the test before Fernando Alonso drives over to pick up the test. What at first seemed like a another sleight on behalf of the team on their former pin-up now maybe looks quite the reverse. In four hours Kimi got less than two laps behind the wheel.

  7. McLaren-Mercedes MP4-29

    Looks pretty good now you’ve seen the others, eh? The night before the reveal last Friday, McLaren tweeted that the MP4-29’s V6 Turbo could be heard inside its Technology Centre. Evocative stuff, even if the last time McLaren ran a V6 Turbo the MTC was just an empty field. Worrying then, given Mercedes’ confidence with the development of the PU 106A Hybrid, that after four hours McLaren had yet to get the 29 running for Jenson Button. Despite a flurry of rumours suggesting he would be present, there has been no sign of Eric Boullier, former Lotus team principal who left the team in a hurry last Friday morning.

  8. Lotus E22

    Don’t forget this is just a rendering. The Lotus-Renault is not yet finished - the only F1 car still in bits now we have been told the new Marussia-Ferrari is on its way to Jerez. That however hasn’t stopped other teams, including Red Bull, suggesting they might be uncertain of the E22’s legality. The tusks are irregular lengths (it apparently doesn’t mess with the aero and there won’t be ‘southpaw’ and ‘northpaw’ versions of it for different circuits) to meet different nose dimension and crash structure regulations, while at the same time providing traditional and familiar mounts for the front wing. If yesterday’s rumour is true, defending the legality of the E22 might be Martin Whitmarsh’s first role if he simply swaps roles with Boullier.

  9. Williams-Mercedes FW36

    Williams was first to go public with the bottle-nose, maybe to divert attention away from the fact the team currently doesn’t have a sponsor, now Pastor Maldonado has taken his Venezuelan PDVSA stickers with him to Lotus. The team’s transporters simply have a silhouette of the FW36 with the word ‘Williams’ stamped on it. The good news is there are stories from solid sources (the same source that first spilled the beans on the switch from Renault to Mercedes engines) that say Williams is talking to Martini! We would like that, but first we would like to see the FW36 actually running.

  10. Force India-Mercedes VJM07

    The first 2014 F1 car to break cover, and another to have hidden its nose until the first morning in Jerez. We really rather like the new livery and just hope that, if the teams learn anything from the first four days of testing, it’s that the bottle nose is not the way to go and by the time the cars reappear in Bahrain, we will have seen the last of them. The wing failure on Hamilton’s Merc, however, suggests that holding the front wing in place might be one of the issues of this first outing of the new turbo-hybrids.

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