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Formula One

Check out this fabulous selection of Jody Scheckter’s racing cars headed for auction

The list is headlined by his championship-winning Ferrari 312 T4, which could sell for as much as £5.53 million

2008 Tyrrell P34
  • 1979 Ferrari 312 T4

    Remember Jody Scheckter? The South African won the Formula One driver's title in 1979 behind the wheel of his Ferrari 312 T4. And now, that car and 10 others he drove will be auctioned off by RM Sotheby’s in Monaco this May. Here’s a rundown of the goodies.

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  • 1971 Merlyn MK21 (£46,000)

    1971 Merlyn Mk21

    Did you know Scheckter once worked as a fabricator for Colchester Racing Development’s sub-brand Merlyn? He even helped create the MK21 in 1971, which led him to a trio of Formula Three victories that year. So, it’s this or a Kia Sorento, then.

  • 1969 Merlyn MK11A (£55,000)

    1969 Merlyn Mk11a

    Known more fondly as the ‘Magic Merlyn’ for its success in the formative years of Formula Ford, the MK11A provided a great platform for several world champions including Emerson Fittipaldi and a certain James Hunt. This example also wears the same livery as the one seen on Scheckter’s European debut car.

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  • 1973 Rondel Motul M1 (£85,000)

    1973 Rondel Motul M1

    The Seventies had some properly bonkers machines, and the Rondel Motul M1 sits proudly among them. It was used by Scheckter and the late Tom Pryce in the 1973 European Formula Two series as the duo continued to climb towards the pinnacle of motorsport, and could even be sold for as low as £55,000.

  • 1974 Trojan T101 (£85,000)

    1974 Trojan T101

    The fourth serving is Scheckter’s Trojan T101, which was used to compete in - and win - the 1973 Formula 5000 season. It was the last of only six T101s ever made, with its stunning white and blue livery sitting matched to eight bright red cylinders poking out behind the driver.

  • 1972 McLaren M21 (£170,000)

    1972 McLaren M21

    Now there’s a bit of a jump in pricing with this extremely rare McLaren M21 Formula Two racer. Just three were ever made, and while this one is expected to produce a (relatively) paltry 271bhp, it tips the scales at just 465kg. That’s only slightly less than your average human after Christmas dinner.

  • 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ (£380,000)

    1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ

    Let’s take a momentary break from the hardcore metal to appreciate this Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ, which participated in two Targa Florio events and multiple hill climbs between 1961 and 1963. It’s not stated exactly what Scheckter’s relation to this car is, so for the time being, we’re going to assume he once ate a Cadbury bar inside it.

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  • 1977 Wolf WR1 (£550,000)

    1977 Wolf WR1

    OK, break time’s over. Time to dive straight back in with the Wolf WR1, which carried Scheckter to a second-place finish in the 1977 Formula One campaign, behind only the late, great Niki Lauda. It was even passed over to Keke Rosberg at one point - another eventual world champion.

  • 2008 Tyrrell P34 (£550,000)

    2008 Tyrrell P34

    The Tyrrell competitors had a habit of being a bit… unorthodox. The dark blue and yellow accented liveries always stood out, but the fact they were often six-wheelers continues to blow our tiny minds. This P34 is a remake completed in 2008 with an unused chassis and could be yours for the same price as the Wolf WR1. Decisions, decisions…

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  • 1975 Tyrrell 007 (£760,000)

    1975 Tyrrell 007

    Or, you could lose a pair of wheels and add an extra two hundred grand to your offer and opt for the Tyrrell 007, which Scheckter used during the 1975-76 season. Yes, it does still have the brilliant Cosworth DFV engine. And yes, it also comes free with an infinite serving of James Bond references.

  • 1971 McLaren M19A (£850,000)

    1971 McLaren M19A

    Just look at the size of the air scoop above the driver’s seat, and the gaping catfish-like mouth out front. The McLaren M19A probably swallows more air than your average human after a failed five-mile run. It’s also one of just four M19 chassis constructed and was the car in which Scheckter made his Formula One debut at the 1972 United States Grand Prix.

  • 1973 McLaren M23 (£1,900,000)

    1973 McLaren M23

    If catfish and mini-marathons aren’t your thing, and you’re also willing to stretch way past the million-pound budget, you could even land one of McLaren’s greatest hits in the M23. Not only did it bring the British marque its first Constructors’ title, but also two Drivers’ Championships (Emerson Fittipaldi in 1974 and James Hunt in 1976), illustrating just what a force the M23 was.

  • Ferrari 312 T4 (£5,530,000)

    1979 Ferrari 312 T4

    And last but not least is the main reason you’re here: the Ferrari 312 T4. Not only is this the car that made Scheckter the world’s sole African Formula One world champion, but it has never been driven by anyone else. Ever. It was also the last championship-winning Ferrari seen by Enzo and became Maranello’s first true ground-effect-led competitor. It’s safe to say, the history is rich with this car. Just as you’ll need to be if you ever dream of owning it since it’s expected to sell for anywhere between £4.47 and £5.53… million.

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