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Has Hyundai made the wildest Vision GT concept yet?

It doesn't preview a Veyron successor, but it does look damn cool. Frankfurt sees the Hyundai N 2025 revealed in full

Published: 15 Sep 2015

There has been no shortage of wild Vision Gran Turismo concepts. Frankfurt alone already has one, in the shape of Bugatti’s Vision GT. But we’ve got a hunch the most exciting looking of the lot could actually be this, Frankfurt’s other Vision GT.

Wearing, as it does, Hyundai badges, we fear it won’t quite get the recognition it deserves. It doesn’t potentially preview a 250mph-plus Veyron successor, after all.

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But the N 2025 Vision GT does look staggering. There’s more than a hint of Le Mans Prototype about its proportions, particularly its elongated tail, which has a rear fin not unlike the latest LMP1 hybrids.

It then veers off into an even more cartoonish Hot Wheels-esque world: just look at the size of wheel compared to body-work. Its like an eight-year-old’s exercise book sketch made real.

Of course it’s not completely real. It’s a physical model of the latest addition to Gran Turismo, but we doubt its 872bhp hydrogen and super-capacitor drivetrain actually exists beneath the barmy skin. But that set-up doesn’t half sound cool regardless.

It’s been displayed at the Frankfurt motor show alongside other branches of Hyundai’s new N performance brand, including the Veloster-based RM15 sports car concept, a new i20 rally car and – why the hell not? – a bobsleigh.

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Now all we need are some proper Civic Type R and Focus RS-fighting hot hatches to complete the transformation. Given Hyundai’s got its own base at the Nürburgring, we’re not betting against it...

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