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  1. Porsche is all over this year’s Le Mans GT class. But we’re secretly looking forward to its LMP1 entry next year. Hopefully it’ll look just like this ‘78 935/78.

  2. You know all about Le Mans (and if you don’t, follow our live coverage here), but have you been following altogether more ridiculous enduro event, Peking to Paris? Currently lead by an Australian octogenarian driving a 1973 Leyland P76.

  3. Beaulieu tells us that there were record numbers at last weekend’s Custom and Hot Rod Festival. Consider that a respectable excuse to post this picture, and link back to a story we wrote about lowriders.

  4. Did you know that Aston Martin will sell you a classic, and service your current car? The company’s just sent us a pic of its spivved up workshop. We may move in.

  5. McLaren’s going to be showing off its Le Mans heritage at Goodwood. Tell us what you’d do to get this in your garage?

  6. Last week, Nismo gave us a tuned version of the 370Z. It was expensive. It wasn’t great. This is what we’d buy instead. Mmm, Slot Mags.

  7. Yes, we know we’ve already posted a picture of an old Porsche. And no, we don’t care.

  8. Like prostate-powderingly stiff suspension? And those silly caps with peaks like bookshelves? You should’ve come to the VW Days in St Quentin, France, last weekend.

  9. Did you miss the Classic Ford show at Santa Pod this month? Worry not, internetling. We didn’t.

  10. Oh, and don’t forget that Top Gear telly’s back next Sunday, 8pm, BBC Two and BBC HD. Read more here 

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