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Gallery: the one-off Nissan Juke-R

  1. Unless you’ve spent the last few years inhaling the perma-tanned flatulence of reality television to the exclusion of everything else, you may have noticed the car industry’s taste for downsizing. Something to do with saving Brazilian sea turtles, apparently.

    Anyway, Nissan appears to have received only half of this memo, because it has downsized its raucous GT-R… into a Juke.

    Confused? Just over two months ago, Nissan’s official Juke Facebook page revealed a sketch of a steroidal version of the urban crossover with the cryptic line, “is this car exciting enough for you?”

    Clearly, it was. You nearly melted our Internet when we published the picture. Since, Nissan has slowly teased the reveal of the car, showcasing what it was, and how it was birthed. And what it is, is remarkable.

  2. You’re looking at a ‘Super Juke’, or ‘Jukezilla’, or any other moniker you choose to attribute. Because underneath that pumped-up body and wide arches and spoilers and bits, sits the engine, drivetrain and interior from a Nissan GT-R. We’re talking a 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V6 with 480bhp, many torques and four-wheel-drive.

    No performance figures have been released, but consider this: the 1700kg GT-R hits 62mph in around three seconds. The standard Juke weighs 1200kg. You do the conjecture.

    Nissan has finally announced that the right-hand-drive model (there’s a lefty being built too) has been completed and video of it testing around Silverstone has been released. But it was a herculean task, as the pictures testify…

  3. The first sketch…looked ominous.

  4. This is the first picture Nissan released, sending’s Internet into meltdown. A GT-R engine, into a little Juke? Ambitious, yes…

  5. Nissan worked with RML Motorsport to build the Juke-R.

  6. The build schedule was just 22 weeks.

  7. The entire floorplan from the Juke was removed.

  8. Nissan had to insert body cooling aids and the entire GT-R ‘cooling cassette’ into the Juke to keep the engine temperature controllable.

  9. The prop shafts had to be shortened due to the 250mm wheelbase difference between Juke and GT-R.

  10. All the buttons were moved back 100mm inside to accommodate the engine.

  11. The Juke-R gets different dampers and springs (to compensate for height difference) but the same tyres as the GT-R.

  12. The Nissan Juke-R has a bespoke, purpose built roll cage and gets the larger brake package from the 2011 GT-R. Stopping performance mirrors GT-R.

  13. The carbon fibre body panels were heated in a giant pressure cooker at 100 degrees.

  14. The Nissan Juke R has a full-body vinyl wrap to protect from stone chips.

  15. The panels are attached to the body with the same glue used to to bond an F1 chassis.

  16. The Nissan Juke R is fully road legal.

  17. Here it is just before the final touches - and that vinyl wrap - were finished. Looks indecent.

  18. And here it is at Silverstone. Scared? You should be. This is the fastest small crossover SUV… in the world.

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