What's next for Gran Turismo Sport?

Gaming: expect Lewis Hamilton, Ayrton Senna and more

GT Sport has been out for just over a month now and we were more than satisfied by its unique brand of pretend online motorsport. But having surrendered ourselves to a Gran Turismo game that was predominantly multiplayer, developer Polyphony Digital has announced that a new single player mode called GT League is arriving for free this month.

Given that there’s not actually much of this month left, that suggests it’ll be landing very soon indeed, perhaps even in time for the start of your festive week off. As gifts go, it certainly beats the socks we’ll be unwrapping on Christmas Day.

Most excitingly, GT League will be inspired by the classic GT Mode from the older Gran Turismo games, perfect for those who desperately miss beetling around in an underpowered hatchback in the Sunday Cup. If you found GT Sport’s existing campaign mode drier than a mouthful of cream crackers, this should be a refreshing change. And if you’ve already filled your digital garage, there will be an additional 50 cars arriving between now and March, all rendered in traditional, almost sarcastic levels of detail.

But that’s not the whole story. We recently chatted to the game’s creator Kazunori Yamauchi about what we could expect from GT Sport’s downloadable updates, both free and paid, over the next year or so. For a start, while there are some excellent fictional circuits and cars, Yamauchi reassured us that we’d be getting more realistic downloadable content as well. “So we plan on starting the DLC in December and that involves cars and tracks,” he told TG. “So there will be Vision cars, production cars, cars that have historical importance and then of course we want to have real world motorsport tracks as well as fun fictional tracks. We’re working on all these things.”

Once of the most exciting new partnerships in GT Sport is the one with four time F1 world champion and Nico Rosberg Christmas card list absentee Lewis Hamilton. After the brilliant Ayrton Senna themed add-on for GT6, which had us wrestling an unruly Lotus 98T around Brands Hatch, will we be getting playable Hamilton-centric additions to GT Sport? “I think the relationship with Lewis Hamilton is going to continue and it’s going to be a very good one, so I think you can look forward to more content involving him in the future,” Yamauchi revealed. “And in the same respect, we actually have a very good relationship still with the Ayrton Senna Institute so it’s possible that in the future you might be seeing more content regarding him as well.”

Lots to look forward to then, both in the immediate future and the longer term. Gran Turismo games might have a legendarily ponderous pace of development, but they’re also known for changing and expanding long after release as well. Here’s hoping for a GT League-shaped surprise in our stocking this week…