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The Citroen SpaceTourer 4x4 Ë Concept is built for adventures in the snow

Citroen wants you to ditch the Rangey for their van-based snowmobile

As any snow poser will tell you, what you drive to the car park at the ski fields is perhaps just as important as how much Moncler gear you’re draped in and how you pronounce ‘après ski’. They’ll also not like being called a snow poser, in case you’re curious.

But what to take? If you roll up in a black or silver Range Rover, you’ll likely lose it in the car park, buried in the snow and a sea of black and silver Range Rovers. If you take a G-Class, that says something very definite about you (we’ll leave the specifics to your imagination). And, if you take a van, random tourists will jump in, expecting a lift back down to town and wondering how much to tip you. 

But not this van, says Citroen. This one’s purely for friends (or big families), who spend their lives at Zermatt, Verbier and Chamonix. And, apparently, who like to be colour-coordinated. 

Yes, it wouldn’t be snow sports without a raft of branded merchandise in which to wrap yourself, and Citroen has jumped straight down the black run in that regard. So, there are branded blousons, beanies and blue-visored helmets, scarfs, parkas and even iPad covers. 

And, if you were wondering what exactly a blouson is, it is – at least in Citroen’s mind – a puffy vest. We’d likely disagree on that point, but this isn’t, so let’s move on. 

It’s not all ‘active lifestyle’ branding and pretence, mind you – there’s also a van involved. One with a proper four-wheel-drive system and gearbox by French engineering outfit Dangel, in fact. Yes, beyond the marketing bumf and talk of “adventurous styling that evokes vitality”, there’s a proper AWD van with snow chains, raised ride height and a centre differential lock for genuine journeys on alpine roads. 

It’s a concept for now but, as it’s based on the standard SpaceTourer, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility for a special edition or limited run model.  

For those of you unfamiliar with the SpaceTourer, we’re not talking about the flying Winnebago from Spaceballs, as much as we’d like to. It’s actually a van-based people mover by Citroën, in the grand ‘What’s birth control?’ tradition. 

So, there’s as many as eight seats if you need ’em, and you can even order the SpaceTourer by the metre. No, really – you can get a 4.6m one, a 4.95m one and a 5.3m one. 

And the SpaceTourer Concept Ë adds the ability to get you and your closest friends to St Moritz in colour-coordinated apres wear. Now that’s a concept.

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