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Ford B-Max concept - Ford B-Max concept - 2011

Doors. They’re emerging as theme for the 2011 Geneva motor show. The Mini Rocketman concept’s swing-out front doors and drawer bootlid. And these. The Ford B-Max concept has sliding rear doors and
no centre pillar, so it’s a clear opening or the whole side of the car.

Yeah well, concept cars often have strange doors. Thing is,
the Ford’s are for real. This arrangement will be used exactly as is on a new
small MPV on sale in just over a year.

The advantages, they’re saying, are that you can wheel a
bike or a flatpack chest in there through a far bigger aperture than any
similar small car. That means the clap-hands Meriva. And both the front and
rear doors open independently.

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The rest of the B-Max styling and interior is pretty much
production ready. Except for a few flashes of chrome and the fancy LED lighting
anyway. And the 18in wheels. And the lack of door handles. And…

You don’t need us to tell you the B-Max is aimed at the same
sort of people who’d buy a C-Max but can manage with something smaller. And
want something cheaper. The B-Max is slightly longer than a Fiesta but uses the
same chassis.

There’s news under the bonnet too: a turbocharged
three-cylinder Ecoboost 1.0-litre petrol engine, which should be good for about
100bhp. It turns up in the Focus later this year and is rolled out across most
of the Ford range soon after, replacing the present 1.6. It’ll have more torque
and better economy.

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