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The Geneva Motor Show... in 140 characters

  1. Attending a motor show in 2013, one realises that if you want to actually see the cars, you might be better off sat at home on the internet. Every car of interest is surrounded by an impenetrable wall of Euro-hacks, wielding anything from an iPhone to genuinely intimidating eight-foot boom mikes (which make handy crowd dispersal devices).

    Happily, at the heart of each mob were also’s intrepid @samphilip and @rowanhorncastle, bringing the joy of the Geneva Motor Show 2013 to our Twitter followers one pithy one-liner and slightly rushed photo at a time. And here, TopGear.commers, are the results. Let us know your personal highlight of our 140 character Geneva diary below.

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  2. Hmmm. This modded 280SL is (a) gorgeous but
    (b) a BRABUS. Like discovering The Great Gatsby was written by Dan Brown

  3. Good
    news! It’s the production-ready Alfa 4C! What do you mean, where? Right there,
    behind the… oi, pay attention!

  4. FACT: Tuning brand ABT is named for the
    noise made by pedestrians bumped in the shins by its MASSIVE SPLITTERS

  5. Best school project ever? A hot rod built
    by students in eight weeks and powered by a Maserari V8. Nice…

  6. Strewth. FAB Design line the interior of a
    MP4-12C with Crocodile Dundee’s waistcoat…

  7. OOOF! It’s the Mansory Aero II. Mansory’s
    interpretation of ‘aero’ differing from the conventional definition

  8. Fan of nature? Then why not drive
    Delphi/Sbarro’s duck-billed platypus?

  9. Forget the new Ferrari, McLaren and Lambo.
    This McLaren F1 LM prototype is probably the most expensive car here

  10. This is Kia’s Provo, a Mini-rivalling concept with a petrol-electric
    drivetrain, 4WD… and entirely uncontroversial name. 

  11. So here it is: the Ferrari LaFerrari. Wow. Head this way
    for some exclusive pics…

  12. Approximately half of Geneva are currently trying to get
    a look at the LaFerrari

  13. This is Koenigsegg’s 100th production car -
    the Hundra. A 24-carat
    gold-leaf-festooned Agera S. Mr T approves.

  14. Peugeot 208 hybrid: awesome aerodynamic
    efficiency, minor visibility issues…

  15. Catastrophe! This shy dental hygeinist has
    MISTAKENLY parked her Corvette Stingray convertible on the Chevrolet stand

  16. Mitsubishi’s diesel-electric pick-up
    concept is what FUTURISTIC FARMERS shall use to reach their FUTURISTIC CATTLE…

  17. Mansory G-Wagen Cabrio. Never
    should these three words be located in the same sentence…

  18. Oh dear. The newly windscreened KTM X-Bow
    is no better in the metal. Like a sad spaniel wearing safety goggles…

  19. It seems that the Porsche 991 GT3 isn’t the only car
    here with four-wheel-steer. This can float, too…

  20. Someone Put The Rolls-Royce Wraith’s Doors
    On Backwards And We Love Them For It…

  21. Merc A45 AMG Edition 1: 355bhp, 0-62 in
    4.6secs… and a GIANT RED REAR WING. Will this be the finest hot hatch ever?

  22. You’ve seen scissor doors and gullwing
    doors. Now pray let the Subaru Visiv concept introduce you to ALBATROSS DOORS!

  23. Many disapprove of Kahn’s tuning efforts,
    but here’s proof its modded Defender has at least one MASSIVE

  24. “I can’t take my hands off Hamann’s
    purple Range Rover!” exclaimed Helmut. So Klaus glued his fingers to it…

  25. Feeling sad about the world? Stare at this
    photo of the Italdesign Giugiaro Parcour and everything will be better

  26. “Hey, did you know the RSQ3 is Audi’s
    first-ever RS-branded SUV?” “Thanks… I’m going to the Lambo stand

  27. New #911 GT3: has four-wheel steer but no
    manual gearbox. The inevitable march of progress, or a missed trick?

  28. Also drawing the crowds: it’s Lamborghini’s
    739bhp, 220mph Veneno…

  29. Disaster! This absent-minded history student
    has STUPIDLY parked her Fiat in the middle of the Geneva show floor!

  30. This season’s must-have colour: HARROWINGLY

  31. Believe it or not, this isn’t the Lunar
    Rover’s testbed, but actually an Alfa 4C headlight…

  32. VW Polo WRC misinterprets Colin Chapman’s
    ‘Add Lightness’ motto in an entirely brilliant way #WeLoveRallyLightpods

  33. The new #Aston Martin Rapide S looks very happy with its new orthodontics…

  34. Simplify, then add lightness… taken to the extreme…

  35. After the Ford B-Max, competition in the pillar-less sector is at fever pitch. James Corden could dive through this

  36. EXCLUSIVE! Look what we’ve found at the back of the #BMW stand… THE NEW M3!

  37. This is Mr. Adam Rally. He has upgraded engine bits, suspension, gearbox, diff and brakes. Set to hit the stages soon

  38. GOOD NEWS! The #Dacia Sandero Stepway has just had a thorough dusting… http://

  39. You may’ve seen #Peugeot’s mad-looking copper #Onyx concept. But have you seen its little brother?

  40. We’re definitely adding this Airfix set to our Christmas list…

  41. Someone looks like they’ve had a late night…

  42. So *that’s* what happens to all that recycled Christmas wrapping paper…

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