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LaFerrari successor waiting on ‘next technology leap’

Ferrari confirms that next generation hypercar needs a big tech jump

Ferrari is committed to the big, naturally aspirated V12. This much you know, because we told you last year. But Ferrari is also committed to finding the next big technology leap in order to build a successor to the mighty LaFerrari.

Michael Leiters, Ferrari’s technical director, confirmed to TG that although there was no specific time frame needed before work could begin on LaFerrari’s successor – though how on earth you top that is beyond us - a big tech jump was required. McLaren said similar about a future P1, too.

“Hybridisation will be a very important part of this,” Michael told, “but hybridisation for us always has to be focused on performance.

“That means performance of the powertrain, but also of the power systems. The process of electrification of some components then, is important to us,” he added.

LaFerrari don’t forget, was technically a hybrid too but it was no plug-in – far from it. The electric motor was only present to boost the 6.2-litre V12 engine, and you’d be hard pushed to tell it was a hybrid at all. We know, we found out a couple of years ago.

“We are convinced that the next supercars will arrive when we are convinced that this technology is ready to put in the car,” Michael added. LaFerrari of course, was a great technology demonstrator too, and he noted that hybridisation would indeed be very important for the future of Ferrari.

Whatever shape that next car takes then, will have to be something quite spectacular to move the game on from LaFerrari…

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