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McLaren developing all-electric P1 of the future

Company invests £1 billion for 15 all new supercars by 2022, half of them hybrids

Track22. Not the name of a special edition 650S or new ‘Sports Series’ car, but McLaren’s big, grand plan to bring 15 new supercars into the world by the year 2022.

Not only that, but the company has also announced it’s testing an all-electric future version of the P1.

Speaking at the Geneva Motor Show, McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt laid out his grand plan to boost McLaren’s output quite considerably over the next six years. It involves the spend of some £1,000,000,000 to develop two-seater sports and supercars – and supercars only. No SUVs, no four-door saloons.

A few of these cars have already been confirmed; following the announcement of the 570GT at this year’s show, McLaren will add a Spider to the Sports Series family in 2017. You know the 675LT and 675LT Spider? The success of those two cars – which have all sold out – means McLaren will roll out the ‘LT’ name as a track-focused sub brand with more models in the future.

Then comes the science lesson that is the P1. Along with being a 903bhp petrol-electric kick to physics, the hybrid McLaren P1 is also a rolling laboratory. So at least half of McLaren’s future output will be hybridised by 2022.

And for the bit you’ve been waiting for: McLaren has confirmed that its engineers are in the prototype stages of developing a fully-electric powertrain to fit inside a future ‘Ultimate Series’ car. That’s the P1’s bloodline.

On this potential EV hypercar, McLaren’s Carlo Della Casa told TG: “It’s important for us to keep the McLaren DNA. We need to be sure we don’t jeopardise the driving experience that makes our cars really enjoyable cars you can drive everyday.

“It is important people immediately recognise the sound, too. We need to understand how to use this technology in a different way,” he added.

“The launch of our new six-year Business Plan, named Track22 because I believe we are on track to a very exciting and successful future,” explains Flewitt, “This will see us launch 15 all-new cars or derivatives within our existing Sports Series (540/570), Super Series (650S/675LT), and Ultimate Series (P1) families.

“We will also develop an all-new engine architecture that will debut towards the end of the Business Plan period,” he added. Yep, a brand new engine to boot.

So there we have it: McLaren has set out its cards until the year 2022: fifteen new cars, a potential EV hypercar and an LT sub brand. Excited, much?

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