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Spend the weekend speccing your perfect Aston Martin DB11

Stop what you're doing: spectacularly detailed configurator opens up for new V12

Supercar configurators are usually a bit special. Good thing too, as they’re the closest most of us get to pricing up our ideal exotic.

But Aston Martin has probably just blown the competition clean out of the water with a dizzying, detailed and complex virtual showroom for the new Aston Martin DB11. Write off the rest of your day. Welcome to a whole new depth of feel-good procrastination.

The exterior choices are relatively simple: just the 35 colours to sift through, a trio of wheel options, some snazzy brake calipers and the dilemma over the finish applied the DB11’s most controversial feature, that anodised contrast-colour roofline. And should the roof match the paintwork, or the pillars? Decisions, decisions…

It’s inside, however, that Aston’s DB11 visualiser really gets into its stride. Each leather surface, of which there are many, can be yours in a wild palette of colours, from tasteful blacks and maroons to the sort of vivid hues your tongue turns after too many fizzy sweets.

Oh, and don’t forget the stitching, the headlining, and whether or not the boot carpet’s colour should match the cabin’s. And what about the steering wheel? It’s enough to send an interior designer into a tailspin.

We’ve had a bit of fun of our own, coming up with two rather handsome exterior finishes to start off with. The metallic green with dark elements is very classy, but this most modern of Astons can also (just about) carry off a Ferrari-spec yellow with red and black highlights.

Safe to say, when it came to the cabin we got a bit tired of being sensible and went for the delightful theme TG calls ‘peanuts and mustard with a side of jam’.

With that, we throw the virtual box-ticking pen over to you. Click here to have a play. We await your styling suggestions in the comments below…

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