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Volkswagen Polo news - Geneva show: VW Polo BlueMotion - 2009

Pride of
place on Volkswagen’s somewhat sparsely populated Geneva stand is this, the Polo
BlueMotion concept.

That’s ‘concept’ in the sense of ‘not really a concept at all - just give us a few
more months to finish building it’. Up close, the Polo looks completely
production ready, and a fair bit sharper than the current model, thanks to a
faintly Scirocco-aping front end.

So what
is it? Well, VW is calling the Polo BlueMotion concept ‘the most efficient
five-seater in the world’, and the figures are indeed impressive: 86.1mpg and
just 87g/km of CO2. The new Prius manages a piffling 72.4mpg and 89g/km of CO2.

impressive stats are down to a new 1.2-litre common-rail turbodiesel, along
with an automatic stop-start system - similar to that seen on the Mini D - and
KERS-style regenerative braking technology.

All of
which could easily make production, but VW says it needs just a little more
time to tweak the technology. “I anticipate that we will be able to go into
production in February 2010,” says VW’s development chief Dr Ulrich Hackenberg.

OK, it’s not the most visually inspiring thing we’ve ever seen, but you
can’t knock the Polo’s eco-credentials. Reckon it’ll usurp the Prius as the
green car of choice next year? Fat chance, eh?

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