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Video: proof Ford’s Drift Mode still needs skill

Driver tries drifting his Focus RS on the road, fails quite publicly. Don’t do it

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You’re probably aware of the Ford Focus RS. And if you are, you’ll know of its increasingly infamous Drift Mode.

Ford turned hot hatches on their heads by speccing the RS with a rear-biased four-wheel-drive system, one which can be made rather aggressive by selecting Drift Mode as you toggle through the drive modes.

In theory, it turns even the most ham-fisted of drivers into wannabe Ken Blocks. In theory. As with all in-car tech, you still need to bring some skill and awareness of your own, and the video above is evidence as to why.

It’s from a Focus owners’ club meet near New York, as one driver in his shiny new RS tries – and quite evidently fails – to show off in front of some lesser ST models, ignoring the ‘track only’ warning you see when selecting the skiddiest of its settings.

The video has been quite candidly released by the NY ST Club, with a stark warning. “The NY ST Club does not condone or approve of this reckless behaviour on public roadways. The offending person was immediately booted from our club. We practice safety on the road during our cruises, and actions such as this will be dealt with zero tolerance.

“Take it to the track, if you want to drive like this.” We couldn’t agree more…

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