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VW Golf GTI news - Let's play mini-Golf! - 2009

Delighted to be back in the office after a nice weekend? No? Here’s a quick gimcrack to cheer you up, courtesy of VW and Scalextric.

Essentially, the guys at VW have created a giant Scalextric track (and when we say giant, we mean it – this thing measures 30ft by 25ft) complete with 1:32 scale models of the new Golf GTI.

So far, so simple, but here’s the cool bit: they’ve fitted the little GTIs with tiny cameras, giving a ‘driver’s eye’ view of the track, and recorded the lap through the medium of, er, technological stuff.

Which means that you can race the little Scalextric GTIs. On the internet. Crashes and everything. And if you’re the fastest, VW will give you a new Golf GTI for a few months. Because they’re nice like that.

Our favourite bit? The white-suited technician who picks you up and dusts you off when you overcook it and spin off.

So head on over to the virtual track - which you can find via our games page - and do the faithful proud by nailing a storming lap time.

Then you can come back and play our games. We’ve got mugs of tea too. And biscuits.

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