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Hyundai news - Video: Hyundai are all lovely - 2009

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like a happy ending here at Top Gear. Not the dodgy Thai massage sort, the nice
fairy tale sort.

Which is why this story straight out of Canada makes us all warm and fuzzy

the YouTube contender for the world’s worst parking job we showed you last
week? The one where the hapless BMW X5 driver crushed a pair of innocent cars
before hightailing it?

Hyundai’s Canadian operation has come to the rescue of one of the victims of
the flatten-and-run incident: a gent by the name of Todd Jamison whose mangled
car just so happened to be a 2004 Hyundai Elantra.

out the YouTube vid of the generous Hyundai souls presenting Mr Jamison with
his new car, a shiny new definitely-not-pancaked Elantra Touring.

nice gesture - and, perhaps more importantly, a smart bit of marketing, too.
Now, if only they could replace that BMW driver’s legs with a functioning set
of limbs…

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