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Fact: British police need supercharged Jags and nitrous-powered Lotus Elises with machine gun turrets. Not, erm, Hyundais… 

The Korean manufacturer has been awarded ‘preferred supplier’ status for British rozzers by the National Association of Police Fleet Managers, meaning you’ll see a lot more Korean reasonableness on the road. 

Now, there’s nothing massively wrong with Hyundai. But as a cop car? Think of the picket-line slogans as cops rallied for better cars: “What do we want? Seven-year-warranties! When do we want them? At-a-time-of-increasing-insecurity-about-the-future-of-our-economy-and-cuts-to-public-services!” 

Anyway, the most popular choices, reckons Hyundai, will be the i20, i30, ix35 and Santa Fe. Yes, a Santa Fe. For chasing down drug-lords and axe-wielding murderers, probably not that quick. For following up nuisance-noise calls or cats-up-a-tree, probably spot on. 

We will of course, be utterly swayed if Hyundai announces a Special Police Combat Edition ix35 complete with a 5.0-litre V8, shotgun holsters and grille-mounted tazers, but we’re not holding our breath… 

The chaps showed us how they would make a cop car - but what would your ideal police motor be? Answers below…

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