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Koenigsegg is pretty adept and knocking out moderately fast cars capable of conjuring terrifying bouts of speed. You may remember it from such hits as the Koenigsegg ‘I Want To Kill The Stig And Eat A Tyre’ CCX. 

Well, another of its progeny has reportedly topped another power board. A short statement on its website said: “Today, 2 September 2011 at 12.08pm, a standard Koenigsegg Agera R took several new production car world records at the Koenigsegg proving ground in Angelholm, Sweden.”

Koenigsegg said the data was measured and collected by a third party and that “all results will be submitted to the Guinness Book of Records.”

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Guinness confirmed to that they’re waiting for the results, meanwhile congratulating the Swedes on the records. Records that are as follows:

0-300kmh: 14.53 seconds
0-200mph: 17.68 seconds
300-0kmh: 6.66 seconds
200-0mph: 7.28 seconds
0-300-0kmh: 21.19 seconds
0-200-0mph: 24.96 seconds

As a barometer, a 1,200bhp Bugatti Veyron Supersport posts a 0-200mph time of 22.2s.

Weather conditions were fine on the day - albeit cloudy - and wind ‘did not affect the results’. Koenigsegg said a short film will appear in a few days time showing the record run.

You’ll no doubt agree, these are some spectacularly fast figures…

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