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  1. The last 31,556,926 seconds (that’s a year for you non-pendulum peerers) have provided some cracking stats.

    From the world’s tightest parallel park to the amount of pasta consumed by the F1 grid, we’ve compiled the best big numbers, small numbers and ridiculous numbers for your pleasure in the gallery above. Be warned: if you’re arithmophobic, we wouldn’t go any further.

  2. 5.16

    How many inches John and Alastair Moffatt left either side of an original Mini Mayfair’s bumpers to secure the world record for the tightest parallel park. Watch it here.

  3. 341.1

    The top speed, in kilometres per hour, achieved by a P Zero Formula One tyre this year. It was attached to Esteban Gutierrez’s car during the Italian Grand Prix. Onlookers confirmed it was spinning “very, very fast.”

  4. 61,112,304

    The views (at the time of writing) Jean Claude Van Damme and his BALLS OF STEEL have achieved for his ‘Epic Split’ Volvo commercial.

  5. 1.923

    Number of seconds it took Red Bull’s pit crew to put a new set of boots on Mark Webber’s car during the US Grand Prix, achieving the fastest pit-stop in history. Seems they really wanted to get rid of Mark.

  6. $70,000,000

    Estimated amount America’s NASCAR tracks saved as a result of the US Senate averting the fiscal cliff in early January.

  7. 1,193

    Number of cars set on fire in France last New Year’s Eve. A rise from 2008, where just 372 cars were torched.

  8. 4,042,767

    The total length in miles of all roads (paved and unpaved) in America. We drove most of them in the Ford Focus ST…

  9. £7.1billion

    The amount spent on building and maintaing UK roads this year. That equates to 2,366,666,666 Tesco Meal Deals.

  10. 6

    Number of Ferraris damaged in this massive crash in Japan. We’re sure a few more than six tears were shed.

  11. 22,000,000

    How many Tikes Cozy Coupe have been produced since 1979. 63,040 of the legendary human-powered red and yellow coupes were bought just in the first six months of this year, hugely outselling even the Ford Fiesta.

  12. 25 inches

    Height of the world’s smallest street-legal car. Austin Coulson’s baby ‘Hummer’ makes even Jeremy’s P45 look suitably supertankerish.

  13. $190,000

    The cost of Grid 2: Mono Edition, making it the most expensive game in history. It did come with a free BAC Mono, though.

  14. 6m57s

    Marc Lieb’s lap time in the Porsche 918 around the “The Green Hell”. Which is astonishingly quick. Don’t forget, we’re still waiting on confirmation of McLaren’s ‘under seven minutes’ time. 

  15. 19,601,500

    How many pound coins you’d have needed to buy Fangio’s 1954 F1 car at auction this summer. The Mercedes W196 became the most expensive car ever sold at auction, smashing the piffling £10.8m paid for a 1957 Ferrari 250 in 2011.

  16. 178

    The number of horsepowers per litre the punchy A45 AMG makes from its two-litre turbo engine. That’s the highest horsepower-per-litre output of any production engine.

  17. 2,100,000

    The number of new cars registered in the first 11 months of 2013, 200,000 more than last year.

  18. 12

    Number of hysterical Benedict Cumberbatch fans that fainted in the TGTV studio when the Sherlock star appeared on our poxy telly show.

  19. 178

    Speed, in miles per hour, Brian Gillespie was doing when his Honda Insight decided to, erm, massively reengineer itself. And through the power of the internet, his wife has been in touch with Top Gear to say that he’s recovering well, which is great news.

  20. 900

    Amount of pasta, in kilograms, cooked by Pirelli during this F1 season. Those F1 drivers sure do like carb loading.

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