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Ten Things We Learned This Week

  1. Red Bull spends loads of money on publicity stunts

    The sugary drink company’s not just drowning in pupil-dilating grog and F1 domination - there’s a clearly a few pounds sloshing around in its PR department, as demonstrated by this infuriatingly watchable best-of video of all its publicity stunts.

  2. Americans don't understand British humour

    Several car news websites across the pond claimed that the trailers for our new series were “not funny at all”, “bored them to hell”, and that “the three TG trailers get both thumbs down”. Sorry, chaps. Next time we’ll make sure someone’s trousers fall down.

  3. Justin Beiber should take more taxis

    If you’ve been living in a news-free offline bunker for the past few days, you won’t know that belligerent haircut, Justin Beiber, was arrested on suspicion of drag-racing with an expired license in a rented Lamborghini Gallardo while under the influence of alcohol, marijuana and prescription drugs. Not cool.

  4. The new F1 cars have noses like a gentleman's sausage

    This thing’s got one hell of a conk, hasn’t it? We wonder if Ferrari 2014 F1 car, which will be unveiled on Sunday, will look as similar to a proboscis monkey?

  5. Spectating at the Dakar is really hard

    TG mag’s tame bystander, Ollie Marriage, demonstrates that it’s actually a massive logistical undertaking to watch any of the racing at the Dakar endurance rally. Here’s how not to do it…

  6. The C-Class is slippery. But not as slippery as this

    This week we discovered that new C220 BlueTec C-Class has a drag coefficient of just 0.24, making it the slipperiest in its class. But it can’t quite top the 1935 Tatra T77a, which has a claimed cd of just 0.212. Knowing this fact is guaranteed to make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

  7. You can now buy a Bentley sofa

    Yes, Bentley has released a range of sofas, chairs and even a sideboard. Which makes them early favourites in this year’s prestigious Cynical Branding Exercise award.

  8. You're really good at inventing car cocktails

    When we heard that Britain’s first pub in a motorway services had opened, we took to Twitter and asked @BBC_TopGear followers to create car-themed cocktails. You did well:

    Aston Martini

    MG & T

    Audi Cointreau

    Buick’s Fizz

    Pina Corrado

    Canadian Clubman (for the kids)

    Ariel ATom Collins


    Long Island IS-tea

    Scotch and Skoda

    CRX on the beach

  9. Things were more insane in the fifties

    Earlier in the week, we showed you this video of 1955 Le Mans champion, Mike Hawthorn, giving you live commentary on a lap of La Sarthe while thrashing a Jaguar D-Type. While cars, humans, and lorries leapt into his path. It may be the best thing we’ve seen this year.

  10. WRC is good again

    It seems like rallying has finally been given a long-awaited revival. There’s a Brit on the podium (Kris Meeke was third at the Monte Carlo rally), and it’s back on TV (BT Sport, if you’re interested). Now read our interview with our favourite Bentley-fond rallyist.

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