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Your top ten electric car noises

  1. The European Union wants noisier cars. While this is something Top Gear has been advocating for some time now, the EU cites safety reasons; specifically, the noise an electric car must make.

    Earlier this month, the European Parliament decreed that all new electric and hybrid cars must be fitted with ‘sound generating devices’ by the year 2021, in a bid to prevent road accidents.

    This is because an electric car doesn’t sound like a normal engine. It sounds like… nothing, really. Maybe a milk float. Or distant train. We came up with some alternative suggestions - things like the Ghostbusters’ proton pack, or a big fat dinosaur - but it seems we have been outfoxed by you, the good folk of

    You’ve sent in some funnier, finer efforts. Here, in no particular order, are ten of your best suggestions.

  2. The TARDIS

    While Top Gear’s preferred method of personal transportation involves a bloody great V12, Dr Who prefers his personal time machine. More specifically, a Time And Relative Dimension In Space machine. The TARDIS can transport its occupants to any time or place in the galaxy and beyond, including the time Jeremy Clarkson’s hair inhabited its own strange universe. It also makes quite a cool sound, too.

    Listen to it here

    Suggested by M. A. Szadkowski, ansthestig, Tyler Manfred

  3. A Top Fuel drag car's V8

    A Top Fuel dragster can accelerate to 100mph in around one second. They’re really, really, fast things, and in fact, the fastest sanctioned category of drag racing. While the drivers are subjected to interminable amounts of g-force rendering their reproductive capabilities useless, we - the audience - are treated to a cacophony of noise and sheer poweeerrr.

    Listen to it here

    Suggested by aRagingSkater

  4. The Jetsons' car

    Aww, it’s the adorable flying car from the adorable cartoon family of the future! And just listen to its adorable little sound! Somehow fits a Renault Twizy down to a tee, less so a Mercedes S-Class. Though the latter would be hilarious.

    Listen to it here

    Suggested by Peyton Waskey

  5. TIE Fighter

    The TIE Fighter is very much the Porsche Boxster of the Star Wars world, just with less inherent reliability and build quality. Because though its Twin Ion Engines afford it great speed and maneuverability, it’s hopelessly rubbish at staying in one piece when confronted with a FRICKIN’ LASER.

    Still, sounds ace.

    Listen to it here

    Suggested by edgydrifter, Terry Paddi Bear Dunne and Mr Nice

  6. Mazda 787B

    Holy. Mother. Of. Godzilla. The Mazda 787B is a milestone of a car: it’s the first and only Japanese-built motor to take a win at Le Mans, in the hands of Johnny Herbert, Volker Weidler and Bertrand Gachot in 1991.

    But it’s also a milestone in NOISE. Because its 2.6-litre rotary race engine sounds just superb.

    Listen to it here

    Suggested by Tak, Scott Brady

  7. BMW Brutus

    This is a very Top Gear kind of car. Partly because it sports a 46-litre bomber plane-sourced V12 engine that manages 0.18mpg and produces 493bhp at just 1500rpm, and partly because it sounds absolutely… satanic.

    Listen to it here

    Suggested by Joe1612

  8. McLaren MP4-16 Formula One car

    OK, so there are plenty of Formula One cars that sound good - not least these older Ferrari efforts - but Mika Hakkinen’s company car from the 2001 season was especially symphonic.

    Listen to it here

    Suggested by Rowan Murray

  9. Morgan Freeman's voice

    Come on, this really doesn’t need any more explanation. It’s MORGAN FREEMAN, a man who could read the shipping forecast and make it sound utterly captivating. Imagine what he could do to a Nissan Leaf.

    Listen to it here

    Suggested by CKarta

  10. Top Gear's theme tune

    We like this suggestion for obvious reasons.

    Though not as much as…

    Suggested by Tak

  11. Jeremy Clarkson shouting POWEEERRR

    It’s by far the most popular suggestion, and who are we to disagree? Just imagine. No seriously, just imagine.

    Listen to it here

    Suggested by Ammaar Kasim, oliverrr, homegrownhero, W_is_for_wambo

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