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This 810bhp Rolls-Royce Wraith loves burnouts

Jon Olsson’s latest crazy build has roof cage, flood lights and a silly exhaust

When Rolls-Royce launched the Wraith, it called its two-door ‘the most powerful and dynamic Rolls-Royce ever’. But it turns out that the standard 6.6-litre, twin-turbo V12 with 624bhp and 590lb ft of torque isn’t actually potent enough. Not if you’re prolific blue sky thinker, deranged tuner and Gumball veteran, Jon Olsson. 

You may remember some of the professional skier and YouTube star’s previous cars. They tend to be modded, camo’d and have roof boxes slapped on top. He’s had everything: a GT-R, Audi R8, Lamborghini Gallardo, Murcielago SV, a Le Mans-style prototype race car and, his pièce de résistance, a DTM-inspired Audi estate with enough power to reverse tectonic movement.

But now he’s gone in a new direction. A direction no-one has gone before, by giving his unique touch to Rolls’s wafty Wraith. After all, it was pitched at a new, younger and speed-obsessed audience.

First thing he did was ship the fastest and most to powerful Roller ever to Absolute Motors to make it even faster and more powerful. How powerful? A dyno-verified 810bhp powerful.

Then, he ripped off the exhaust and got Quicksilver to create a straight-through bespoke system so you can hear that normally silent V12. We have to say, turning mute off on the V12 has led to some interesting, pseudo V12-era-F1-car sounds. Being only a two-door, Jon has added some extra practicality by fitting a magnet-mounted caged roof rack complete with jerry cans and a carbonfibre jet-powered surfboard. As you do. 

To complete the look, he cloaked it in the latest variant of his trademark camouflage wrap, added six blinding LED fog lights, 24-inch (twenty-four!) Forgiato wheels with low-profile tyres, slammed it, then added handy stickers just in case he forgets his name or country of birth. Now it looks like it’s ready for an incognito safari rally – just as Rolls never intended. 

As you can see from the pictures and Jon Olsson’s video, all that power allows you to do very un-Rolls-Royce things – like make lots of noise and do mad, smoky rolling burnouts. But Jon tells us this is just the crazy Wraith’s summer spec, as he’s currently working on a configuration for winter. We’re guessing winter tyres and a ski box. But given this is Jon, it could be absolutely anything. 

Now, let us know what you think of it below…

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