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Saturday 23rd September

This 917bhp AMG GT 63 S is the most powerful Brabus ever

Brabus decides monstrously powerful Merc is too tame; shoehorns in more oomph, carbon fibre and red things

Published: 24 May 2023

What you’re looking at here - a heavily tuned version of the (ahem) succinctly-named Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E Performance - is the most powerful car ever sledgehammered by Brabus. Yikes.

Yup, the Brabus 930 is a tour de force of numbers, with power rising to 917bhp and torque up with it to 1,143lb ft. 0-62mph takes a mere 2.8 seconds, while the top speed has been limited to 196mph. Not bad for a car pushing two-and-a-half tonnes…

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The extra shove is a result of Brabus introducing its own twin turbos to the 4.0-litre V8, as well as a larger compressor unit, modified core assembly and a reinforced axial bearing, thus upping max boost pressure to 1.8 bar.

Meanwhile each cylinder bank gets a new control module which recalibrates the electronic boost pressure… without harming durability, claims Brabus. All told power is up by 86bhp, while the 201bhp e-motor remains in production spec.

Naturally there is carbon fibre, and naturally its purpose is two-fold: first to optimise the aero (hello new front splitter, bigger radiator, rear spoiler and diffuser), and second to look sporty/intimidating. Delete as applicable.

Those forged, ten-spoke wheels are larger than stock, with 21-inchers up front and 22s at the rear, both wearing Continental SportContact 7 tyres. Brabus reckons these make the handling more agile, and to that end it’ll also sell you a plug-and-play Airmatic Sport Unit that lowers the ride height by up to 20mm.

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Which brings us to the interior. Brabus says the cabin falls under its MASTERPIECE line (the caps lock name is an interesting choice) with much exposed carbon, black leather and red stitching. Though you opt for your own choice of colours if you prefer.

Oh, and there is noise. Lots and lots of noise. Brabus’s stainless sports exhaust gets actively controlled butterfly valves which produce a sound even Brabus admits is ‘forceful’. Cripes. Luckily there’s a ‘Coming Home’ mode so you don’t alarm the neighbours.

And the price of all this… stuff? Brabus is asking €323,435.45 (about £281k), which is the pre-tax figure. So far north of three hundred grand in the UK, although Brabus will of course do you a conversion if you’ve already splashed out £178,800 on the standard car.

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