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Brabus EV12 Black Baron news - None more black - 2009

This is the Brabus EV12 Black Baron. And those plastic bits over the rear wheels are, we believe, called ‘spats’.

Looks like a bouncer in a skirt, eh?
Brabus is used to making things with bonkers power figures (remember the Bullit?) and this is just the latest. Underneath all the spatish mayhem, the EV12 is based on a Mercedes E-Class.

An E-Class with 788bhp… Thanks to that sort of power, it can touch 230mph and keep going until it carves its own orbit through space.

Only ten of these monsters will be produced, yet at £530,000 each, the marketing bods will have to look hard to find two handfuls of people loony enough to buy them.

Will you be one of them? If not, can you think of a more ridiculous bodykit?

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