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Brace! Novitec has given the 600LT more power

McLaren’s punchy prizefighter has been juicing thanks to Novitec

Those pesky power-hungry fiends at Novitec are at it again. Not content with McLaren’s job of speeding up the 570S (by giving its 3.8-litre V8 new camshafts, a retuned ECU for an extra 30bhp and over 30kg of weight saving to create the ‘Longtail’), it’s now given the LT even more power.

And not just more power, but three grades of more power that all come with an even more serious exhaust system (read: louder and with more snap, crackles and pops) plus a new ECU tune that works through McLaren’s Active Dynamics Panel. In it’s most aggressive guise, the tuned 600LT makes 688hp and 525lb ft, up from 600hp and 457lb ft. This improves both the 0-62mph time (2.8 seconds) and the top speed (207mph). But, not wanting to blow their own trumpet, Novitec reckons the upgrade “not only has a positive effect on the acceleration and top speed, but also is evident in an even faster throttle response and more powerful in-gear acceleration”. Can you hear that? It sounds remarkably like someone blowing their own trumpet.

Given Novitec’s tendency to go waaaayyyy overboard on the visuals at times, the aesthetics are remarkably subtle – bordering on tasteful. Obviously, the wheels have changed (it’s a tuners car for goodness sake) and Novitec has gone for some bigger Vossen options to fill whatever was left of the arch after the 30mm suspension drop. As you can see, there’s also a racecar-like carbon airbox that helps that newly boosted engine breathe.

There’s no word on price yet, but the kit is available now. So if you have been looking at your 600LT and thinking it needs a bit more ‘more’, pick up your phone directory and give your local Novitec dealer a call now.

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