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Drift-off: modified Lambo Murciélago vs Nissan GT-R

Video: BattleDrift returns with a gentle hoon in a British industrial estate. Turn it up

In short, this is a video of a modified Lamborghini Murciélago facing off against a fearsomely modified Nissan GT-R. In a bleak-looking industrial estate. In England.

Yep, it’s the return of ‘BattleDrift’. The first, you will likely remember. It landed at the tail end of 2015 and took Daigo Saito’s 650bhp, rear-drive, modified Lambo and pitted it against Vaughn Gittin Jr’s custom Mustang, along an epic Japanese mountain route (the Touge roads).

Saito’s back with his Murciélago for this new vid, only he’s up against a rather more fearsome opponent: Steve Biagioni’s 1,400bhp Nissan GT-R. Oh, and a modified Pro2 Lite racing truck.

The brief, therefore, is rather simple and quite lurid: make as much noise and smoke and sideways as possible in a grim-looking dockside in the UK.

“The weather has been a little bit of a challenge with rain on the first day of the shoot,” explains Saito. Yeah, welcome to the UK, friend.

“Driving the GT-R was something like a top-fuel powerboat,” Baigioni added. “Because the second you put your foot on the power you were slammed back in the seat and looking at the sky.

“Combined with so much forward thrust it felt like the car was trying to do a wheelie all the time. It was insane,” he said.

There’s not much more that needs to be said. Hit play and watch the tyre carnage ensue…

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