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Video: watch a Lambo twin-drift with a Ford Mustang

Stop what you're doing and witness a 500bhp ‘Stang show a Murcielago the ropes

As set-ups for a video go, the ingredients for this one take some beating. A drift-spec 2015 Ford Mustang featuring a 550bhp supercharged V8, driven by renowned drift-ist Vaughn Gittin Jnr, meeting his mate (and actual Formula Drift person) Daigo Saito for a pleasant pootle along on some Japanese mountain roads.

Incidentally, Daigo’s brought along his 650bhp Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, which appears to have had the front driveshafts, original gearbox and most of the interior ripped out. And any form of legal exhaust. The results look – and sound – predictably spectacular.

Adding a muscle vs supercar plot twist to the rich seam of ‘handy drivers doing crazy things in cool cars’ internet videos certainly ups the stakes on a certain Mr. K. Block. Ken’s currently prepping a 333bhp Escort MkII for the next installment in his Gymkhana stunt series. wonders if he’s been on YouTube this afternoon.

Says Gittin Jnr: “Running door to door with Daigo and his insane Lambo has been epic. I constantly found myself wanting to get closer just so that I could hear the incredible exhaust note of that Lambo of his over my Mustang RTR. We were both deep in the RPM range, and with the two of us together, it was like a symphony from hell.”

It was also a drive worthy of some brownie points. “Like most Touge runs, this Touge had no run off which meant zero room for error and it was all simply insane and, to be honest, actually a bit scary,” Gittin Jnr added.

Saito concurs. “If we were off by 30cms or so, we could have had a big crash. But we didn’t. And that’s what was so cool about it. Drifting through the unusual village and up the mountain pass was thrilling,” he said.

So, is this ‘Battledrift’ the new high watermark in professional automotive cocking about? Watching it about, ooh, twenty times should give you a fair idea. Speakers up..

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