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Friday 9th June

The GTstreet R Flyweight is a lighter, faster 911 Turbo S

Yup, Techart’s stripped-out track monster takes weight saving to a whole new level of doolally

Published: 20 Mar 2023

If you’ve got a decent memory, you might remember TechArt’s confoundingly-named but rather quick GTstreet R. If not, here’s the gist: take a 911 Turbo S, endow it with 789bhp and 701lb ft, more wings than the Battle of Britain and a top speed of 217mph.

Then remove as much subtlety as possible. Garnish. Garnish again. Then garnish once more for good luck, and serve.

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The GTstreet R was limited to just 87 examples – perhaps the only limit placed on it at any point – with the promise that, in the future, there would be a version with “a bit more stripped out”, as we said at the time.

Well, here it is: the GTstreet R Flyweight. And it’s clear that, for the Flyweight, the first thing to go was the last vestige of subtlety. Somehow, there are even more wings: a carbon-fibre front splitter joins the battle, as do “side air fins with integrated canards”. 

Canards being the flicked up bits you see at the ends of splitters, diffusers and skirts – and sometimes stuck to the front bumper – just FYI.

Techart has backed all that up in every other regard it could think of, including the number it’ll build. There’ll be just 19 cars in total, each some 60kg lighter than the non-Flyweighted GTstreet R, despite the standard fitment of a roll bar, FIA-homologated harness and fire extinguisher.

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And that’s the kind of weight loss that requires some thought: the forged wheels “feature even slimmer spokes and additional weight saving in the hub”, saving “2.6 kilograms on the front axle and 2.2 kilograms on the rear axle”. And that’s unsprung mass, too – helpful at any point, but increasingly vital as the sprung mass goes down. 

Which it rather has: there’s a new lightweight exhaust, lightweight carpeting, no rear seats and an “optimised rear shelf with a carbon insert”, which feels very important. Techart has also teamed a set of featherweight Recaro seats with 3D-printed seat pads... that are apparently lighter than standard pads.

Just about everything that can be made from carbon fibre is, including the “newly developed” rear wing that features “side air intakes”, a "manually adjustable wing profile” and any number of other things to talk about if you'd like to send those within earshot to sleep.

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They'll wake up when you tell them how fast the Flyweight is, though: it can surge from standstill to 62mph in a Bugatti-rivalling 2.5 seconds, while the same standing-start sprint to 124mph is the work of just 7.5 seconds. Yikes.

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