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Mansory has got its mitts on a Maserati, and the result is tasteful

Ghibli gains sane power tweaks and a subtle bodykit. World gasps

Published: 04 Nov 2015

Mansory you ought to know. Many supercars have entered the tuning firm's Frankenstein-esque lab, only to emerge quite unhinged thanks to copious spoilers, splitters and glittery paint jobs. And rather too much power for their own good, too.

“A bludgeoning assault on the notion of restraint” are just some of the words we’ve called upon to describe Mansory's wares in the past.

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Give enough monkeys enough typewriters, though, and eventually they’ll turn out a sensibly suited performance car. Let us introduce you to Mansory’s Maserati Ghibli, and we’re not in the least bit ashamed to say we quite like it.

The Ghibli, of course, is a nice-looking car as is, and Mansory has ensured this remains the case by keeping the gold paint locked in the cupboard. There are still additional spoilers and splitters, though, all crafted from Mansory’s favourite material, carbon fibre.

But don’t they look subtle? Were Maserati to give the Ghibli some wild MC Stradale treatment it would likely resemble something like this; casual observers will be hard pushed to tell you’ve been shopping with the people who brought you the eye-hating Sahara.

The wheels are ginormous 22-inch jobbies, mind, but they seem to suit the Ghibli's stance well. Power has even been kept in the realms of the sane: Mansory's applied its spanners to both petrol and diesel V6-equipped Ghiblis; the former is boosted from 404 to 473bhp, the latter from 271 to 306bhp.

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So a car that’s desirable - but a touch sensible by Maser standards - has been given a welcome aesthetic tweak alongside subtle, but useful power upgrades.

In other words, Mansory appears to have discovered a concept called sense. Whatever next?

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