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Mitsuoka Galue news - Strange Galue - 2008

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Remember James’s Japanese chauffeuring escapades in the last series of Top Gear? The one with the strange, Eastern take on the Rolls-Royce that utterly failed to impress the sumo wrestler and his manager?

That car was the Mitsuoka Galue. This car is the Mitsuoka Galue Limousine S50, surely a more appropriate vehicle to ferry a famous sumo-type person to sumo-type events.

Just look at it. Magnificent, isn’t it? Recently announced by Mitsuoka, Japan’s tenth biggest car manufacturer, the Galue limo is based on the Infiniti M series (the Nissan luxury brand’s 5-Series rival) and is powered by either a 223bhp or 313bhp V6. Performance is described by insiders as ‘unusual’.

But, once again, just look at it. How could you ever get bored of looking at a car like that? Just check out the giant B-pillar. That’s nearly a pillar in the classical Corinthian sense, isn’t it?

And as for the rest of it – well, in the manner of pretentious wine tasters, we’re getting hints of old Beetle, bastardised Rolls, that Nissan Intima concept and, er, peardrops. Maybe.

The top-spec Galue limo will set you back around 80,000 Euros. We can’t think of a better way to spend your cash. That’s a lie. We can. Anything. Literally anything else.

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