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Is Revozport’s 700bhp Huracan a tastefully tuned supercar?

Newsflash: modified Lamborghini in 'not gopping' shocker!

Let’s be honest: tuned supercars, on the whole, are pretty tasteless things.

However, we’re going to stick the neck out here, and venture that the Revozport Razmig might be one of the best efforts at upgrading a supercar in recent times. Apart from its name, of course.

What Revozport has done is take the Lamborghini Huracan, and treat it to the sort of aerodynamic trickery you’d hope to see on Sant’Agata’s potential Superleggera or Squadra Corse specials.

The headline add-on is true active aero. Revozport has fitted its own carbon diffuser, which features automatic pop-out flaps in the undertray that alter the airflow to create more downforce. If the party piece sounds familiar, it’s because Ferrari used something very similar to glue its mighty 458 Speciale to the road.

Balancing the Razmig’s aero up front is a new carbon splitter and Porsche RS-style dive-plane package. And you can go a lot crazier with the carbon; bumpers, bonnet and a big wing can all be crafted from the stuff. All of which makes the Revozport Huracan light, but doesn’t really detract from its dribble-worthy looks.

Speaking of lightness, Revozport’s new exhaust system weighs just 7kg, and it’s made from Inconel, the sort of stuff that F1 teams (as well as McLaren’s P1) use for tailpipes. The weight- saving across the board adds up to some 100kg, Revozport claims, while the freer-breathing exhaust (alongside an ECU remap) ups the Huracan’s V10 output from 602bhp to an Aventador-matching 691bhp. Same power as the big V12, and several hundred kilos lighter. Not so much of a ‘baby’ Lambo now, eh?

That’s not all. You can add all of these mods to the drop-top Huracan Spyder, unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show last month. Obviously Revozport was dissatisfied with the standard carbon-aluminum structure, as its gone to the trouble of creating new carbon stiffening braces for the Spyder’s doors. Quite the thorough makeover.

Prices for all these goodies will start in the ‘if you have to ask, you can’t afford it’ region, rising to ‘exactly how many oil fields does sir own?’ for the whole shebang.

So, what do you think? Get clicking below…

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