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Techart GTstreet R news - Turbomygod - 2008

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It’s turning into a bit of a tunin’ day over here on First, we showed you the monstrous modified BMW X6 – we’re sorry, we really are – and now here’s a much more impressive tuning effort from German Porsche-fettlers Techart.

This is the Techart GTstreet R, a 911 Turbo-based superthing that boasts some quite ridiculous numbers. Techart has managed to heat up the Turbo’s 3.6-litre flat six from a piffling 473bhp and 458lb ft of torque to – ready for this? – a mighty 660bhp and 634lb ft. Sheesh.

All that extra power comes courtesy of a pair of new turbos, a giant exhaust and some other techie tweaks which, says Techart, combine to drop the 911’s 0-60mph time to a scant 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 214mph.

OK, even with revised springs and a new downforce-inducing bodykit, the GTstreet R could drive like an absolute dog, but you can’t argue with numbers like those.

Or wheels like those. We like those wheels. We shall have those wheels.

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