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This Toyota Supra has the massive wing you’ve always wanted

US tuner gives A90 Supra the colossal wing it truly deserves

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Iconic features of the Mk4 Toyota Supra: the single-exit, off-centre exhaust, its round taillights and… that wing. Three things that, when it was launched earlier this year, the Mk5 Supra did not possess.

It’s the wing that gets us most. We were sent a render back in January, showing what the Mk5 would look like with the Mk4’s wing. It was tremendous, and immediately made us wish Toyota had given the new Supra a spoiler to match its predecessor.

It hasn’t (yet, come on TRD), but don’t worry, because the Americans have got us covered. More specifically a Californian tuning company called Auto Tuned, which has stuck photos of its new ‘carbon lip kit’ on its Instagram page.

The kit adds various carbon addenda, but the big-ticket item is the massive wing. Perhaps it’s a little too much, but hey, it’s a start. At least you can still get into the boot – something that would’ve been an issue if that render had ever become reality.

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Images: Auto Tuned and lxiiphotography on Instagram

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