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Video: this is a Nissan GT-R doing a 7.44sec quarter mile

Hold on to your hat: GT-R hits 200mph in the time it's taken you to read this

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Nissan GT-Rs are no stranger to drag strips. In fact, they’re rather at home on them, their surfeit of twin-turbocharged power and clever all-wheel-system ensuring they fly off the start line.

There’s flying, though, and then there’s the video above: a GT-R completing the quarter-mile in 7.44 seconds, hitting 200.39mph in the process. Wow.

It doesn’t even get a flawless start, suggesting there’s another hundredth of a second or two to be gained.

It’s the work of EKanoo Racing (who also made this six-second Supra) and it’s quite clearly a little way from standard. Okay, very far from standard.

Details are few, but the lack of trim on the door in the video’s early stages gives you some idea of how stripped out the whole thing is, while reports suggest it’s running north of 2,000bhp. Just the four-fold increase over standard, then…

A 7.44sec run puts the EKanoo Racing GT-R it in the highest echelons of drag racing, and comfortably ahead of so-called hypercars. The LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 all just about scrape below the 10-second mark, hitting around 145mph in the process.

Lifted your jaw off the floor yet?

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