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What's your opinion on this Russian Lamborghini Espada?

Interesting things happen when Russians get their hands on a four-seat V12 Lambo

Lamborghini’s Espada is arguably the Italian forefather to the Ferrari FF. A four-seat GT with space for the whole family, a large boot and a thirsty V12 up front. The sleek design was a mash-up of the Marzal concept and Bertone Pirana, both from Gandini. With 350bhp, it had a top speed of 155mph and a squished design that looked like it’d been stepped on by something particularly large. Surely one of the coolest four-seaters of all time, no? 

Obviously, Gandini’s knee-height design wasn’t cool enough for some. The ‘some’ being Russian tuners, who decided to do some, erm, choice modifications to it.

As you can see from the wine-red car above, they’ve made a weird Mad Max meets Redline magazine circa 1999 mashup that’ll have Lambo’s Polo Storico department in tears. 

Up front, there’s a whole new wider bumper section with a chicken wire and chrome inlay flanked by two new, dual headlights. Under the bonnet – now complete with quick release pins and NACA ducts – is the Raging Bull’s V12, but now with a lick of fancy red and yellow rhubarb and custard paint, a modification that’ll no doubt add horsepower.

If you follow the white pinstripe down the side of the car, you’ll see a set of slab-sided skirts with ventilation for the rear brakes sat in between the two centre locking wheels that now have Grease Lightning style centre caps and are wrapped in hot-rod worthy rubber. At the back, new tinted taillights and upturned exhausts frame a boxy bumper assembly and pseudo diffuser.

The process of getting in the car has also been revolutionised. The tuners propelled the Espada into the Nineties with door buttons on the underside of the plastic wing-mirrors – justs like a TVR. When you do breach the opening, you’ll be treated to red leather and shagpile carpet wrapped around pretty much anything red leather and shagpile carpet can be wrapped around.

There’s also a new steering wheel, gear knob (good to see it’s a manual, as the Espada was Lambo’s first car offered with an auto, remember) and monster sound system behind the rear seats under the glass canopy that slopes down to create the rear deck. Amplifiers, meaty mids and stupidly big subs mean your favourite Russian beats can be heard over that big ol’ V12.

Now, we have to admit, we’ve seen plenty of modified Lamborghinis in our time, but we’ve seen nothing like this. Is it something Lambo’s designers should put on their Pinterest board? Let us know below.

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