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The 888bhp Brabus Maybach will cost £375,000

Tuned uber-barge gets twin-turbo V12, many horsepowers and Ferrari FF acceleration

You knew this day would come. This day sees the dawn of Brabus taking the might of the Mercedes-Maybach S600, and treating it - almost literally - to a rocket. Unveiled in Frankfurt today, this is the BRABUS ROCKET 900.

Not that the Mercedes-Maybach S600 needs any more power, because it comes as standard with a 6.0-litre twin-turbo V12 packing 523bhp. Even Brabus admits the base car is “anything but underpowered”.

Which in BrabusSpeak naturally means, “let’s tune it to the death.” So, out goes the Merc V12, and in comes a rebored, resized 6.3-litre V12 - dubbed, with exactly no subtlety, the BRABUS ROCKET 900 - packing a custom billet crankshaft, forged pistons, precision balanced connecting rods and larger turbochargers with new manifolds.

There is a stainless steel exhaust system. There is a carbon fibre intake. There is gooold heat reflection inside the engine bay, and a new air duct in the bonnet. Many modifications for many horsepowers.

888 horsepowers, to be precise, or a cool, clean 900 metric horses. There’s also a handy 1,106lb ft of torque on hand, all delivered to the rear wheels. We suspect this may equal oversteer and light weeping.

The standard Maybach S600 will go from 0-62mph in five seconds flat. This Brabus version does it in 3.7 seconds - on par with a Ferrari FF - and will merrily, terrifyingly rock on to a top speed of 217mph.

The whole thing sits 25mm lower than a standard Maybach, features new 21-inch wheels to better fill out those arches (because that was your first thought upon seeing the standard car, right?), and some redesigned body bits; new air intakes, a new front spoiler and radiator grille, and a new rear bumper.

Inside, you can deck out the Brabus Maybach to whatever specification your enormous wallet desires. The word ‘limitless’ is surreptitiously deployed by Brabus as an indication. The brown interior pics in the gallery above will attest to this.

Price? €508,000 in Germany (with taxes added). A quick bit of TG maths equates that to £375k. Thoughts, please?

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